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We love goats! We have a small herd of registered Alpine and Alpine/boer cross right now . Were working on growing our herd. We’ve also owned Nubians and Nigerian dwarfs in the past. They are really all great breeds, but we just love the personality and look of the Alpine and we love the taste of their

MILK. The milk would be the number one reason to buy a goat. Goats milk contains less sugar, more calcium, more Vitamin B6 & Vitamin A, and twice as much potassium as regular cows milk. It’s also useful for soaps, lotions , homemade products, and great to add into

FOOD. That would be second. We have Alpine/Boer cross because they are dual purposed for food or milk. Boer for food and Alpine for milk. Goat meat (chevon) is lower in calories, cholesterol, saturated fats, and contain more protein and iron than beef. The milk is great for making cheeses. Who doesn’t love cheese? They’ll provide you with meat, milk, and cheeses as long as you let them be your

WEEDEATER. Goats are the best weed eaters ever.! They will really cut down on your yardwork. They’ll eat your briers, poison oak and ivy, and pretty much anything green. However there is still a few things they cant eat like buttercups, poke weed, azaleas, and a few more. Its always good to look it up because we wouldn’t want anything to happen to our goat

FRIENDS. They really are great companion pets just like a dog or cat. They loved to be brushed and pet and will follow you around providing you with endless entertainment. Just watch your step because they will poop everywhere, but don’t worry because their poop is very useful for

COMPOST for your gardens. Goat poop is great for improving the soil texture and has less odor than other manures. It doesn’t attract as many insects and will not burn up your plants. All of these things work great together and that’s why we think you should buy a goat today!


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