Who doesn’t love chickens? I think I’ve only met a couple of people who said they didn’t like chickens and that was my nieces who said chickens scared them and they couldn’t eat anything that came out of a chickens butt? That may be a little weird to some, but I love birds and find it fascinating that something can actually do that. I hope they change their mind because I believe chickens are extremely important, especially in the world of hobby farming or self sufficiency.In fact I think if I had to choose one animal to keep , it would definitely be a chicken for many reasons and the

Eggs would definitely be the first on my list . They are rich in vitamin A & E , twice as much fatty acids,7 times beta carotene,and 25 percent less saturated fat than store bought eggs.


Not to mention the joy you get when you go to their little nesting boxes and find they left you a present.

We like to free range our chickens other than give them store bought feed all the time and you will definitely see the difference in your yolks . They will be a lot brighter as long as you let them peck away in your yard and be your personal

Pest Control. When we moved to Arkansas our yard was full of seed ticks. Tiny little devils, but now our chickens are defeating them and winning this battle and now I can actually walk out in my yard without worrying if I’m going to find one of these little ticks(devils) days later and chance Lyme disease. They love to eat the bugs and the bugs are great for fattening them up especially if you’re going to use them for

Food. We usually keep our chickens around for eggs ,but we have butchered a few that were laying less eggs, getting older, too many roosters, or just flock reduction.

We are in the process of getting meat chickens just for that purpose. There’s just something satisfying knowing what your chicken has been eating that you bring from your backyard to your table. Plus after you enjoy your delicious chicken dinner , you can throw alot of the other table scraps( not chicken) out to the chickens that really helps

Reduce Food Waste. Chickens can and will eat about anything except a few things that they should never be given like dry beans, green potatoes or peels, tomatoes, avocados, uncooked rice, some citrus and sweets. It is very

Entertaining to watch them all come running for whatever you are feeding them.

Chickens can be very vocal and stingy with their food , but knowing they’re happy and eating and clucking will have them running around your yard and

Fertilizing everything. Your garden and flowers will be extremely happy as long you keep the chickens from eating seeds and destroying your produce. However them scratching a little in the garden is very stimulating to the soil.

That’s why we love talking chickens! Chickens make me happy!

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