The weather turned cooler here in the Ozarks and then for some reason the Ameraucana hens I had been waiting to lay eggs decided to start laying alot of eggs.

I noticed one morning while scrambling about 18 of their beautiful bluish eggs that they all seemed to be fertilized. I had to turn the incubator back on to hatch what will be Easter Eggers because Ive got to find a Ameraucana Rooster to purchase.

If you look below the camera light you’ll see another round white circle that identifies that the egg is fertilized.

I love incubating chicks. It takes a little patience waiting around 21 days, sometimes a day or two longer, for them to hatch. It is a good feeling knowing you helped that lil chick that had been stuck in that dark little shell crack through to see the light of day.

Unfortunately sometimes you will have a couple to not form all the way and die before they even pip through the egg shell or while they are pipping through the shell.

My last hatch around Easter went really well . All of them hatched . This time I had them all hatch ,but one unfertile, and one that quit pipping through .It was like he just gave up.

The humidity, temperature, and how you place the egg in the incubator would be the main factors to success when incubating and of course the egg being fertilized.

First you want to make sure the most pointy end of the egg is placed down.This helps the development of the chick because of the air cell.

For the first 18 days after placing all your eggs in the incubator your humidity should stay around 50-55 , and the temperature should stay from 37-39 degrees Celsius .

You really don’t want to open it except to add warm water to keep humidity in place.

Usually I add 1/3 to 1/2 cup depending how much the humidity needs raised.

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Day 17 you want to add more warm water than usual , probably not more than a 1/2 – 1 cup to raise the humidity to 60-65 for the last 3 days.

After day 18 try your best not to open the incubator at all until you have lil chicks wobbling around on the inside.

After most of your chicks have spent around 24 hours in the incubator move them to a preheated brooder box , and with a little chick starter and water your chicks should be happy and healthy like our little Christmas Chicks.

This was the first chick to hatch that had to stay all by itself til the others hatched. We were worried he/ she was going to die from loneliness.
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